Leade.rs discovers the brightest up and coming talent with our curators to highlight on stage. You'll be inspired by entrepreneurs and stories of building their successful startups, get hands on training from some of the leading experts across fields and have the chance to meet some of tech's most influential people in office hours.



Hear from some of the brightest minds across the tech industry talk about the state of the hottest topics like digital health, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and chatbots. Learn how inspiring people across industry are using technology to tackle the world's biggest problems.


Need an in-depth workshop on how to pitch yourself or your business to partners and investors? Do you need to tap into your community but don't know how? Our workshops give you the tools you need to walk out ready to crush your next pitch.


Office Hours

Ever wanted to meet that VC in person? Or pick an entrepreneurs brain on how they'd address an issue in your start up? Here's your chance. Office hours provide an intimate setting for you to get to know some of tech's most influential leaders.



Going Viral
Karen Cheng, Founder, Karen X

Learn from the best: viral video expert, Karen X. Cheng. Her videos have over 100 million views. She makes highly shareable commercials and viral videos. Her TV spot for Beats by Dre premiered at the Thanksgiving Day football game. Key learning’s from this how to workshop include: Why some videos go viral and others don't; Video trends in 2017; How to optimize a video for YouTube vs. Facebook; How to optimize a video for brand awareness vs. conversions; How to A/B test videos before you launch.

You need to build a thriving community behind your business
Here's how to make it happen.

David Spinks CEO of CMX Media

Join community expert David Spinks of CMX Media for a step by step guide to building a successful community. Every business has a community, it is a matter of whether you choose to focus on it and create opportunities for them to connect with each other.  Traditional businesses (think Industrial Revolution) didn’t have to worry about community.  They built a product and they shipped it to the consumer.  That was it. It’s totally different now. Not only can consumers interact with each other, but they can interact with the brands directly. There is huge opportunity here and in this workshop you will learn how to take advantage of it.


Future of Work
Leila Janah, CEO & Founder, Sama & LXMI

Tech advances and workforce demographics are changing the very definition of work.  While increased automation and globalization present opportunities, they also present significant challenges.  This workshop dives into the future of work and discusses strategies that companies should embrace to keep pace.

David Nihil

The only public speaking workshop you'll ever need to take
David Nihill, Author, Do You Talk Funny?

You’re scheduled to give a business presentation, pitch investors, or deliver a wedding toast. And you’re petrified. You’re simply not cut out for public speaking. Never mind being entertaining. David Nihill has walked—and talked—in your shoes and we have to convinced him to come talk to you. David went from being deathly afraid of standing in front of an audience to hosting a business conference, regularly performing stand-up routines, winning storytelling competitions in front of packed houses and becoming one of the world’s leading experts on the usually not so exciting topic of public speaking. He did it by learning from some of the world’s best public speakers: stand-up comics.

Tom McLeod headshot.jpeg

How to pitch like you're from New Jersey
Tom McLeod, CEO and Founder, Omni

Tom McLeod has pitched business to over 100 VCs and angel investors in the US, and in so doing has won the interest of dozens of firms, built lasting relationships with key decision makers, and – most importantly – raised over $14MM (while strategically declining millions more) for his current company. Join Tom as he workshops the pitches of your fellow entrepreneurs, providing insight into his pitching style and the facets of a presentation that resonate most with the investor community.

Silicon Valley Survival Guide
Geraldine Le Meur, Co-Founder, The Refiners
Gil Penchina, Serial Entrepreneur & Angel Investor
Jason McDonald, Co-Founder, Stringcam

Innovation is everywhere, but to have a true global impact in the digital space, location is paramount. Considering a move to Silicon Valley however, can be daunting — competition is fierce, network is key and time-to-market is of the essence. Join Geraldine LeMeur, Gil Penchina and Jason McDonald for a 101 survival kit workshop about how to survive in Silicon Valley. Learn to unlock your unique competitive advantage.

Cédric Giorgi - Image by Dan Taylor - dan%40heisenbergmedia.com-2 (1).jpg

The IoT is an ecosystem play
Cédric Giorgi, Director of Special Projects at Sigfox

Building a strong network of partners is absolutely key when building an IoT solution. This workshop will give you key take aways on where to start and with what kind of partners.  Whether you are an entrepreneur with a new idea involving the Internet of Things, or an executive at a company looking at how IoT can be involved to answer some of your business challenges, there's one common challenge : where to start, who to contact, which companies or technologies to involve. In this workshop, you'll learn about some of they key players of the industry, and understand why launching an IoT project or solution needs to involve many different stakeholders, at different stages of the solution creation or roll out.